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Men's Health at Littlewick

  • If you suffer from erectile dysfunction (impotence) please don’t hesitate to book an appointment with us. There are lots of effective treatments available which help many men and there is no need to feel ashamed or embarrassed about it. We would also encourage you to contact us for prescriptions to take to a chemist rather than getting medication from other sources as sometimes the Viagra sold via the Internet or other sources does not actually contain the right amount of active ingredient and/or even be fake.
  • We encourage all men to attend for health checks from time to time with our Health Care Assistants where you can have blood tests arranged if needed, blood pressure and weight measured and alcohol and smoking advice given.
  • Because we have five male senior doctors (Dr Travell, Dr Downes, Dr Henn, Dr Halls and Dr Abbasi) and six female senior doctors (Dr Walton, Dr Bagshaw, Dr Mok, Dr. Pizzey ,Dr. Owen and Dr Garside) as well as two or three registrar doctors we have a wide choice of doctors so that if you would prefer to see a doctor of a particular gender you would be free to do so.
  • Prostate Screening If you have prostate symptoms at all, namely difficulty in passing urine, passing urine more frequently, or getting up at night to pass urine then please do not hesitate to book a routine appointment to see one of us to discuss this. If you have got a big prostate gland there are a lot of treatment options available these days.
    You might like to see our prostate symptoms page Click Here
  • We don’t routinely offer prostate cancer screening to all men as the evidence that routine screening of all men is helpful is unclear. However, if you feel strongly you would like to be screened please don’t hesitate to book an appointment with one of us especially if you have had a relative with prostate cancer. Screening will involve taking a blood test (PSA) and very often an examination by the doctor of the prostate gland with a finger via the back passage.
  • Testicular Cancer Screening We do not do testicular cancer screening routinely as the evidence that routine screening of all men is helpful is unclear. Thankfully testicular cancer is very rare. However, if you are experiencing new testicular or scrotal symptoms please book an appointment to see one of the doctors. If you want to read about testicle self examination see the NHS Website here

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