Exercise Classes

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The Derbyshire Healthy Lifestyle Programme offers an exercise and weight management programme (Waist Wise) designed to support you to achieve a healthier lifestyle by increasing your physical activity levels and improving your nutrition choices.

The programme can help you to lose weight, reduce your heath risks, manage your health condition, improve mobility, eat a healthy balanced diet, have more energy, sleep better, feel more confident and meet new people. The programme offers a 12 week weight management programme, gym sessions, six educative health lifestyle sessions, class based activities, walking groups, swimming and self help opportunities.

The programme is for anyone who is over the age of 16 years old, who currently does very little or no exercise and has one or more of the following conditions… weight management BMI 28+, diagnosed with mental health problems, joint or mobility problems and respiratory illness.

If you are interested, phone to speak to one of our health care assistants who can refer you onto the programme.

Littlewick Walking Group

The group meets at the Littlewick Medical Centre Reception at 10am every Thursday morning. Walks will be short ranging between 1.5 and 3 miles long. The walks are led by qualified walk leaders and will be suitable for those returning to, or new to exercise. Walks are free of charge and anyone is welcome to come along- no need to book. Afterwards, you will return to surgery where you can have a drink and a chat, and will be joined by Hazel our Admin Assistant who has the chance to join the walkers once a month to try it for herself.

Walking leader Tor Pitts says “The walks are open to everyone, and we can go at anyone’s pace. It’s the social side of the walking group that people love, and makes them come back each week”. 


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